Friday, September 25

More than just wild animals: Ueno Zoo in Japan

The infamous but rather famous polar bear in Japan. As meal time gets closer, the bears become more restless than ever!!

A raccoon from Japan. Looked dead but was actually sleeping very soundly. I wonder what it was dreaming about?

A tapir which went to extremes to fill its tank. Seems like the diet was forgotten. Maybe there was nothing better to do than to eat something or anything!

Looks like the capybara (the buddies in the pool) don't really get along with the tapir.

A female lion looking relaxed but was actually hot and hungry for some male attention.



Crazy and thirsty monkey (maybe a bit rude too) dying for attention.
"Tsuki no Waguma" is a kind of bear found in Japan. To capture the bored expression of the bear, I went closer to it..maybe a bit too close.

Gosh! Is it a bear or a pig? Must be a bear because the face is bigger!?!
Is it a statue or a gorilla? Actually it is a really really really relaxed gorilla.

But it looks a bit lonely too.

Taking this photo, I was also blinded by the light. (now can't get that song out of my head!!)

Had no choice but to zoom in and noticed a greedy looking crow nestling with the pelicans.

So much choice I couldn't decide. Had to walk away empty-handed after 1 hour of deciding.

The rarest species of them all..a cat willing to stand still for my picture. Bumped into it after a long but enjoyable day at the zoo.

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