Wednesday, July 22

Chunky Japanese Tradition

Pictures (Right to Left)
Picture 1 & 2: Re-ment (Rement) # 1 from the Gift series release in 2005.
Picture 3 -6: O-Seibo Ham and what becomes of it.
Hard work does pay off......maybe after 40+ years working in the same company in Japan. Every year, gifts are given to seniors, called O-Seibo お歳暮. This custom follows a Chinese tradition. To show gratitude and appreciation of the help that was received at work, home or school, giving a gift almost becomes mandatory. What's given? Go to any department stores or 'departochika' during the o-seibo period around December till January, and it's not uncommon to see food, drink and even laundry detergent boxed up and prominently on display. If you are willing to depart with $150-250 dollars, then go to the ham section and choose"Marudai Ham", a famous brand in Japan for its quality and taste...........hint: this could probably put you in your manager's good books!
Here is the company website:

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