Sunday, May 17

My Drawings: Japanese Inspired

Drew this after visting favourite place which I have visited more than 5 times!


  1. Very cool! What's the speech bubble say? O_o?

  2. Hi actually it is just a nonsense mix of hiragana characters! ;)

  3. Hehe, well it may not say anything, but it looks cool!
    I just read your reply on an earlier post while I was browsing your older drawings, and I'm super excited you asked me for five things to put in a drawing! I'm sorry I'm so late, I didn't realize you had replied to my comment, and I hope I'm not too late for your offer. If not, here's 5 things I like: I love the whole 60's hippie movement, music, birds, clouds, and whales. I hope that's not too vague, and I can't wait to see what you do! Thanks again for asking me! :D

  4. Hi I will try and draw you fave list soon, I hope you have patience...I will post it up when I am ready....sorry I have been a bit slack with my blog recently but I'm going to change ;)
    Thanks for your list!!!