Wednesday, February 11

Shopping in Japan: Fabric Shopping in Nippori

If you visit Tokyo, you soon realise that it is split up into hubs and within them, there are smaller hubs. One such small hub is Nippori. It is near the big hub, Ueno.
Nippori is the "Textile Town" and it's a place to find good material/fabric of or sorts.
To get there, take the Yamanote Line from Shinjuku and go towards Ikebukuro. About 7 minutes into the ride, you will come across Nippori Station. Get off and head for the exit side that is opposite to Yanaka Cemetery.
You'll need to find Chuo Dori and it's quite easy as it is a big road leading away from the station. At the entrance of the road, there is a fantastic store that sells cute pink Japanese cabochons and accessories. Here is the link The great thing is that international sellers can buy and it ships to you!!
This shop stocks loads of cabochons in many shape and sizes; hearts, cakes, desserts and lots more girly items!! When I was there, I spent a good 1.5 hours there!
Going further down the street, you can find many shops selling mainly fabric and other sewing paraphernalia.

This is Chuo dori and you need to get on this road, you'll be heading left in the photo to venture into the fabric world! I love Yuzawaya in Kichijoji but Nippori offered some interesting shops that had an old retro feel. It is definitely a nice place if you are walking from Ueno (takes about 25 minutes on foot) or wanting to see an older side of Tokyo.

This is the side and you should come out this exit and head down Nippori Chuo Dori pictured above. (There are other exits but this one is the closest to the big road).

"Tomato" is the biggest material/fabric store in Nippori. There was a good collection of Japanese fabrics. The entrance floor had a lot of discounted fabric and the most crowded!!

Some funky looking mannequin which was standing outside a shop selling dressy evening gowns!
Many shops in the area, buy fabric from the area and make and design their own gowns!

There are shops stocking new and used kimono fabric.

A cute collection of Japanese cartoon character buttons. Most popular is anpanman among Japanese kids!!

Some retro patterns from the past, circa 1980s!


  1. Oh man, it looks like so many goodies in Japan! That's so awesome! WOW Textile Town! I soooo want to go there! ^_^

  2. Yes, it's quite an interesting place and it's located in 'shitamachi' meaning the old area of Tokyo, so it's not very glamy or glitzy like the tourist pics you see.thanks for looking

  3. I will be visiting Japan in April of 2009. I was wondering if you can suggest a hotel. I will be there for 3-4 days. I want to definitely go to Tomato and dokoden (where all the cabochons could be found.) How do I get from the airport (Narita) to Nippori Textile Town? Is it easy to get around? I am a little nervous since I don't speak Japanese and this will be my first time there:) Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

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    I'm living Nippori Tokyo.
    and run shop.
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