Wednesday, January 28

Tokyo Life: The 100 Yen Stores

A Wall of Stickers

A Wall of Gifts Bags

A Wall of Stationery

(Above & Below) Not in the adult-content section, just mixed in with the rest. Seems to be normal to buy this in a shop in Japan because no one gets offended. Rather people find these things humorous!

The economic slump has been showing signs in Japan. The trains are crowded but you have space to breathe. Shoppers are spending less but are still flocking to Daiso. What's Daiso? A flower, food, a hot spring? It's a major "one coin" shopping chain that has grown so big, it also has international outlets around the world. But I wonder if the Daiso in America or Kuwait stocks the same things as the ones in Japan? Are customers in those countries consumer obsessed with things cute, small, disposable and sometimes impractical?? This is a fraction of the things the store offered in downtown Tokyo.

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