Thursday, January 22

Japanese Toys: Free toys with drinks!

Japanese people are in love with toys. So much so that toys are given out free. Well, not exactly free, you have to buy a drink first. This is how major soft drink companies promote cheaply. They want the same customers coming back for the same drinks over and over again. So what do you get? Predominantly it is a colorful toy under 2 inches in height. At times, erasers, tea bags, phone straps, towels, cards and the list goes on.
Why do companies do this? Since there is a vending machine every 100 metre you walk, a gimmick is better than none. When a toy comes out, it comes in a series of 6 or more. Imagine how many drinks you have to buy! The customer pays 120-150 yen before tax. For a whole set, it costs around US$12. The best places to buy and make a full set before others are the local convenience stores, an average of 3-4 stores can be found in one neighbourhood.
So next time you are in Japan, check out the convenience toys for some cool convenient toys!

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